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The name "INTRIGUE" is the only word that can describe this New York native's style. Born in 1982 in Long Island, New York, Sean Lorey's innate musical interests started at a young age with heavy influence by his family and upbringing in both Long Island and Queens. His parents were his biggest musical influences playing a huge role in his early love for music. His mother would play him record after record, recording them down to cassette as his first "Mixtapes" of Classic Rock & Blues for him to listen to. It was the age of 3 when the powerful drum fills of Phil Collins, "In The Air Tonight", inspired Sean to start playing the drums. With his father also being a drummer, Sean felt both inspired and supported to take after his foot steps. 


From early childhood and on, Sean took private lessons studying the Art of Jazz, Rock, Latin, Funk, Blues & all other forms of music. He quickly became highly advanced, winning many awards and being selected for All County and All State ensembles. This helped him obtain music scholarships to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he double-majored in Music Production/Engineering & Music Business. Through his studies at Berklee, Sean was able to learn how to take his 'rhythm & grooves' from the drum set to the keyboard….learning chord progressions and basic piano skills. He also acquired vast knowledge of recording techniques, learning how to work with the top industry softwares and hardwares. It was after Sean brought home his first recorded CD filled with instrumentals for his friends to check out that he was instantly acclaimed for possessing a creative musical style that was captivating, fascinating, and leaving his listeners wanting more. It was at this moment that he was officially dubbed by his best friend as "Intrigue".


 After his second year at Berklee, Intrigue networked his way into an internship at Epic Records/Sony Music in 2002 with the VP of A&R, Pete Ghanbarg. It was there where he made many industry connections and started working with young groups and artists that had just signed with Sony. Around 2004, the collapse of many big record companies happened due to Naptser and other MP3 download sites. As a result, Sony had let go of their C.E.O. Tommy Mottola and hundreds of other people in all departments. Intrigue was left with just a handful of contacts and his talent.


INTRIGUE remained independent selling beats privately and recording local acts through word of mouth and the contacts that he still had. While struggling to stay afloat, he was offered a position to manage a world renowned DJ Shop called I DJ NOW, in Queens, New York in 2005. It was there where Intrigue merged with the DJ culture. Already owning a set of Technics Turntables, DJ ing became a natural addition to who he was and how he expressed himself through Music. 


Having a friend inside of an elite promotion team, Intrigue started to get booked in the top night clubs in NYC. The promoters started labeling him as "DJ INTRIGUE".  Here he expanded his resume as a DJ and playign vor venues like Pacha NYC, Club Rebel, Avalon, Soel, and more spinning a wide range of genres including Hip-Hop, EDM, House, Top 40, Reggae, Trap ect. After building a buzz, it was difficult for him to separate 'INTRIGUE the producer/beat maker' from 'DJ Intrigue in the club '. It is then when the same friend, who originally gave him the name Intrigue, suggested to do the final merge and have his name for everything just be DJ Intrigue.


Between top education, field experience, and his extensive and eclectic musical background, he  became one of the most sought after DJ/PRODUCERS for nights club/event companies and artists everywhere! 


After a couple of years grinding and working his industry connections, he was introduced to Justice Hype from Wu-Tang Management.  They were putting together a group compiled of the industry’s top DJ's from around the world that represented Hip-Hop to the fullest. This group of DJ's would be featured on their upcoming radio station called "WU WORLD RADIO".  After a meeting at DJ Intrigue's studio in Queens, New York, he agreed to sign on with Wu-Tang Management. One of his first tasks was to create a weekly show on their radio station in which he called, the "36 CHAMBERS RADIO SHOW". It quickly gained popularity making DJ Intrigue one of the top DJ’s on the station. He would also regularly meet weekly with members of Wu-Tang Management team showing them new instrumentals and mix tapes that he created, while exploring new ideas and opportunities. 


It was not too long after when DJ Intrigue was presented the chance to DJ for Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Clan at his record release party for his album, "The Pilgrimage". Intrigue's skill set on the turntables that night caught Cappadonna's ear and peaked his interest. Shortly after, Cappadonna called him directly to ask him to be his DJ for his New Years Eve concert in Tampa, Florida. DJ Intrigue continued to DJ for Cappadonna while building a relationship on and off stage. After a year of performing together, Intrigue was offered yet another opportunity. This time it was to record Cappadonna in his studio back in Queens. It was this studio session where the first two songs that DJ Intrigue produced for Cappadonna were made,  “Music” & “Slang Editorial 2”. “Music” was released on Wu-Tang Managements mixtape series “Students of Shaolin” Vol. 3, also hosted by DJ Intrigue. “Slang Editorial 2” was the sequel to Cappadonna’s original single, “Slang Editorial” of his Gold Album, The Pillage. Cappadonna chose to release this sequel on iTunes as a single during the 15th anniversary week of his original release. This release set DJ Intrigue on the map as an industry rated producer. Since then, DJ Intrigue remains to work side by side with Cappadonna in the studio while performing all over the country together. DJ Intrigue recently gained credits on Cappadonna’s latest album release entitled “Hook Off”, that included two production credits, all DJ scratches, & Final Mastering. 


After gaining recognition with his DJ and Production skills, DJ Intrigue has worked along side many of the industry’s acclaimed artists. These artists include Reggae legend Junior Reid, N.O.R.E., Krumbsnatcha of Gang Starr Foundation, EPMD, Tedsmooth, Inspectah Deck, Young Dirty Bastard, DJ Qbert, X-Ecutioners, and more. 


Currently, DJ Intrigue stays in the studio consistently producing and composing new music for TV, Film, and Commercials. In 2016 he received his first major TV/FILM placements landed his music in collaboration with DJ Rob Swift on a commercial for ESPN's "Mike & Mike Show", "First Take", and "His & Hers" tv shows. He also had his music placed multiple times in the hit NETFLIX series, "Project MC2". This is an ongoing series in which Intrigue is behind a very important aspect of Season 5 & 6 which will be available to stream soon.


DJ Intrigue also doesn’t forget his true roots of music, as he performs as a percussionist alongside other DJ's for all different types of parties & private events. Still working close with Cappadonna, you can be on the look out for many new projects from DJ Intrigue.


DJ Intrigue is more than a DJ/Producer. He is a true music enthusiast, utilizing all of his talents not leaving a stone unturned!!


Recently moving to Los Angeles, CA to expand further, be sure to keep on the look out for this artist as he is quickly on the rise in the Music industry and is continually raising the bar with creative productions. Pay attention… because DJ Intrigue is currently work on a few special projects that we shall say……are very Intriguing!!!



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