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DJ INTRIGUE - NYC to L.A. mix series


A mix series that captures the current vibe of every night life venue from NYC to L.A. !!!  Inspired by DJ Intrigue recent move from New York to Los Angeles, these mixes contain the best sounds & remixes including Hip-Hop, House, EDM, Reggae, & Trap music. 

DJ INTRIGUE - LIFE THROUGH the eyes of the drum series


A creative mix series inspired by DJ Intrigue's life as he merged the differences as a drummer/percussionist & DJ/Producer. This is his way of sharing the view of HIS  Life Through the Eye's of the Drum. It's an action packed mix of classic music fusing his musical influences including Phil Collins, Jimi Hendrix, etc. blended over classic Break Beats, Old School Hip-Hop, along with showcase the true art of dj scratching. Special guest appearances by DJ Rob Swift,

Big Daddy Kane, DOUG E. FRESH, and MORE!!

DJ INTRIGUE - Cheer Mixes  usa spirit Nationals


For the past 3 years DJ Intrigue has been selected to make a customized competion mix for USA Spirit National Finals for Saint Patrick Saint Vincent High School from California. Below are a couple of mixes that DJ Intrigue made. One is a high tempo creative blend of classic 90's RnB tracks while the other is a mix of your all time favorite Michael Jackson hits!

USA Nationals Flag Mix (Michael Jackson) - DJ INTRIGUE
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USA Nationals Flag Mix (90's RnB) - DJ INTRIGUE
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