DJ INTRIGUE - LIFE THROUGH the eyes of the drum

A creative mix series inspired by DJ Intrigue's life as he merged the differences as a drummer/percussionist & DJ/Producer. This is his way of sharing the view of HIS  Life Through the Eye's of the Drum. It's an action packed mix of classic music fusing his musical influences including Phil Collins, Jimi Hendrix, etc. blended over classic Break Beats, Old School Hip-Hop, along with showcase the true art of dj scratching. Special guest appearances by DJ Rob Swift,

Big Daddy Kane, DOUG E. FRESH, and MORE!!

DJ Rob Swift calls upon DJ Intrigue's production to collaborate on a commercial for ESPN

Right before the start of the NFL season, DJ Rob Swift called up DJ Intrigue to collaborate on a commercial for ESPN. The commercial was an advertisement for the hit shows, "Mike & Mike", "His & Hers", and "First Take".

ESPN requested 3 different instrumentals blended into each other at the same BPM (beats per minute). Each one had to be 20 seconds long with styles representing each of the different shows. Within 2 hours DJ Intrigue whipped up an epic blend of beats and transitions to allow Rob Swift to easily scratch the vocal samples of ESPN's energetic tv hosts, over the track, making the perfect combination.

A few weeks later, it was all approved by ESPN and they shot the commercial in ESPN's Connecticut Studio.

     DJ Intrigue Is Back for "Project Mc2" Seasons 5 & 6 

DJ Intrigue was excited to receive the call from the lead composer of hit NETFLIX Original Series , "Project Mc2", asking him to take on a larger roll in the music scoring for seasons 5 & 6. Although not all details can be spoken about, we can say that DJ Intrigue will be the person behind the scenes creating special sounds for a device that will be used on the upcoming seasons multiple times. Season 5 is available for streaming now on NETFLIX. Season 6 will be released after the new year. 

                     Watch the official trailer for Season 5 below!


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DJ Intrigue "Scores Big" with hit Netflix Original Series, "Project Mc2"

DJ Intrigue has landed his beat production on season 3 

of the hit Netflix Original Series, "Project Mc2".  A series about four super-smart, teens that band together to use their science skills to save the day, as secret agents.


DJ Intrigue's dominant Hip-Hop production is featured playing at max volume during the opening scene as well as the background of the entire first dialog of episode 6 in the third season entitled, "Ear Today. Gone Tomorrow.". 


The success of Project Mc2 has also branched out into a line of toys sold at all Toys R' Us locations nationwide and online.

This includes an RC version of the special agent car that was featured during the first scenes of episode 6, where you can hear DJ Intrigue's music being played. Intrigue has also been informed that he will have more music scored in the likely renewed seasons coming. 

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